Our case studies are written by our clients. The answers inline are provided by Mindful Counseling GR.


Who is the client? 
Mindful Counseling GR – A group counseling practice made up of 13 therapists. In business for 5 years.

What business problem did they have?
A desire to effectively communicate the essence of the therapeutic work that we do in the community by way of video.

What were the major pain points of the client prior to working with Match Frame Creative?
We wanted a video, but as we looked at other counseling practices’ videos we knew we wanted something different. Most of the videos we saw were poorly made and the people speaking seemed anxious, were communicating data that is relatively useless to the end client, and were absent of any sort of compelling storyline.


What was the Match Frame solution for the client?
Match Frame blew our minds with their creativity, vision and ability to hear our passion. They were able to take understand our essential message and transform it into a compelling story that truly reaches our clients where they are at.

How was the project implemented?
We had several interviews with Match Frame prior to filming so they could hear more about who we are and what we were looking for. Then they proposed their creative idea about how to express it via video. Then we scheduled times for filming.

Why did the client choose Match Frame Creative?
We chose Match Frame because of a personal friendship with Jay Irwin in addition to being familiar with their caliber of work.


How will the client use the solution in the future to grow and expand their goals?
We have the video front and center on our website and have promoted it via targeted ads on social media. There have been several thousand views and it has resulted in multiple new client leads and conversions.

What measurable results/statistics can be included? (web traffic, email opens, form fills submitted, increased sales, etc.)
5k views on Facebook since July 2015
5006 views via our website


Video with the right story, targeted to the right audience, can transform any business. If you think your business doesn’t have a story to tell, we’d be happy to explore and ideally prove you wrong.

Contact us, if you’re up for the challenge.